We provide maintenance services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. Servicing required in other states may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Preventive Maintenance

1. $35.00 for basic stereo microscopes
2. $70.00 for basic compound microscopes
3. $100.00 for microscopes with lamphouses
4. $140.00 for rotary microtomes
5. $150.00 for profile projectors or measuring microscopes, plus $50 for certification of calibration for up to two objectives

Quantity Discounts

1. $5.00 discount per instruments in quantities of 15 or more.
2. Special discounts may apply in quantities of 30 or more.

*$10.00 extra charge applies to microscopes for each of the following accessories: phase contrast, polarizing, teaching-head, fluorescent, camera, CCTV, etc.

Charges for Travel Time

1. $50.00/hour for travel
2. No travel time charge applies to service instruments in quantities of 20 or more.

Procedures for Preventive Maintenance

1. All removable parts (parts taken off bases of microscopes) will be cleaned, polished with instrument solution, and relubricated (if applicable).
2. All lenses (objs., eyepieces, condensers, etc.) will be inspected and cleaned with lens cleaner.
3. The entire microscope wll be centered, adjusted, and aligned to the manufacturer's specifications after reassembly.
4. All procedures above will be performed by a technician who was trained by original manufacturers (e.g. Leica, Nikon).

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